Perpetua III Quad Watch Winder Touch Screen Walnut Finish

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  • The Perpetua III quad watch winder is the best place for your four prized timepieces. 
  • A 21st century design modernized. 
  • Controlled using a touch Screen LCD display panel to control direction and speed. 
  • Interior is lined with a soft feel velvet to keep your watches in prisitine condition. 
  • Hand applied lacquer for a polished Walnut finish to create a smooth, luxurious feel. 
  • Gold plated fitments compliment the Walnut finish. 
  • High quality black leather watch holder, that adjusts to any size strap.
  • Dimension: w270 x d320 x h200 mm

Our Perpetua III Quad watch winder is the best place to keep your prized timepieces in pristine condition. Housed in vintage-style lacquered walnut case with a plush velvet interior, it stores up to four watches and works off a touchscreen LCD control panel that allows you to select rotational options as well as speeds. Comes with a universal adapter. 

Dimension: w270 x d320 x h200 mm

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