Perpetua III Duo Watch Winder Touch Screen Walnut Finish

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  • Classically elegant duo watch winder 
  • 21st Century redesign
  • Touch Screen LCD display
  • Soft feel velvet lined interiors
  • Hand applied lacquer for a polished Walnut finish
  • Smooth, luxurious feel
  • Gold plated fitments 
  • Black leather watch holder, adjusts to any size strap
  • Size: w 300 x h 200 x d 180mm 

The Perpetua III range of watch winders has been updated with a more modern design with new style interiors and fitments. The Walnut finish models are all wood construction with a veneer which has several layers of hand applied lacquer to give a luxurious silky-smooth appearance. Our designers have taken into consideration the fashion needs of the modern home environment. Attention to detail in the construction of the cases and the quality and choice of materials used ensures the product meets the highest standards for the most discerning customer. Our Perpetua III Duo is entirely built in wood with interiors lined with a soft feel velvet fabric. Covered with an elegant black leather, our watch holders can also be adjusted to all sizes of the watch strap. Motors run virtually silent. Powered by DC adaptor suitable for worldwide use which is supplied. Direction of rotation selectable.Touch screen LCD display.

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