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Battling the Australian blaze

A very devastating topic and tragic event that is taking its toll on Australia and the world, are the Australian wildfires. These fires, which have been fuelled by heat and drought, have killed people, 15.6 million acres of land and devastated the habitats together with the wildlife it supports. 

There are thousands of firefighters and state authorities working together to battle the blazes, using the combination of aircraft and land equipment to fight the fires. The bushfires have prompted a significant wave of responses globally from celebrities and corporations alike. What’s remarkable about us as a population, we rally around communities during natural disasters, when they are in need and offer support and emergency relief in any way we can.

 Rapport have chosen to show our support by donating 10% of all online sales to the Red Cross Australia in aid of the bushfires. The Red Cross use these funds to help people prepare for, live with and recover from disasters. We urge you to donate in any way you can. We have attached a list of credible sites below that you can donate through. Let’s battle this together!



Rapport's Wireless Takeover

These days it’s difficult to try spot someone without a smartphone. Considering that cell phones used to be big, chunky devices with the battery power of 30 minutes – we have come a long way. When the first prototype of a modern-day cell phone was created in 1973, the phone was capable of working independently with a terrible battery life that took 10 hours to charge. By the 1990’s, cell phones started weighing less, became smaller, slimmer and had battery power of a couple hours. Fast forward to today and we have revolutionized cell phones and their batteries. 

When wireless charging began in 2012, it was looked at as some sort of futuristic gimmick. People didn’t know whether to believe it as it was the first time you didn’t need to plug a device in to charge. At this stage many phones did not support wireless charging. Today nearly every new smart phone supports Qi, the most popular wireless charging standard available.

Wireless charging works by principle of electromagnetic induction. In simpler terms, both the charger and the device contain wireless charging coils. The transmitting coil will convert electricity and emit an electromagnetic field. The receiving coil that is within this electromagnetic field, converts the energy emitted into a current, which is sent to the battery.

Wireless charging has a bright future ahead of it. More and more smart phone manufacturers are putting QI support in their phones and more manufacturers of items such as furniture, décor or even mousepads are including Qi charging. Rapport’s latest design see’s it incorporates Qi charging whilst still keeping our watch enthusiasts happy. Our new ‘Charging Trays’ are sleek and modern, the perfect device for the office desk or next to your bed. The tray features compartments for all your pocket contents/ favourite accessories; a watch cushion, and a flat surface for your phone to charge. These Charging Trays are available in Carbon Fibre, Piano Black and Macassar Wood finish. All three colours feature a soft, suede interior for protection. You won’t want to miss out - don’t say we didn’t warn you!

4 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

A mom is a very special person in every person’s life, and Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to show your love and appreciation. Mothers deserve our love and appreciation every day of the year, but when Mother’s Day rolls around every year, it’s a special opportunity to get our moms the most sentimental gift we can think of. But let’s face it: shopping for moms can be hard! We end up racking our brains for what seems like years trying to find the sweetest Mother’s Day gifts, but often fall short. Instead of trying to bring forth years and years of memories, you can easily get her a beautiful gift that you know she’ll love! While your plan for the day is all up to you, here’s a guide to 4 perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

4 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts For Your Mom | Jewellery Boxes | Rapport London

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Jewellery Journal: Helen Brocklebank

Jewellery Journal - Helen Brocklebank


Jewellery Journal - Helen Brocklebank


It’s either about sentiment or statement with me – my most precious pieces, some of which I wear every day, are not only beautiful objects but also remind me of special moments in my life. But on the other hand, I love the statement one can make with striking costume jewellery, and I particularly like big earrings. I know I’ve got it right if my husband raises an eyebrow and says “Pourquoi La Vache Qui Rit rit?” (referring to the picture on the front of the Laughing Cow box of cheese… he doesn’t understand my passion for big earrings.)

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