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Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick - Time Away

I am not very good at sitting still, so an active holiday is my luxury; the Ski Resort of Baqueira Beret in Northern Spain would be my favourite place. The balance between the tranquility of the chair lifts and adrenaline of the powder makes for an ideal escape.


Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick




Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick - The Timepiece

Without a doubt my Piaget Polo 45, it is an iconic Polo watch with a titanium casing. For years I would walk through the airport watch sections and look at it and say: “One Day……” well that one day finally came when I got to work with Ryan Reynolds and Michael B Jordan on the launch of the Piaget Polo S in New York and the GM gave me the Polo 45 as a present after the event! Very spoiling!


Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick




Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick - The Perfect Accessory

The Single Watch winder with the carbon casing, as I have a Piaget 900 P which does not appreciate being left unwound. Santa if you are listening…


Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick


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Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick - Time To Focus

Now that is a lot easier, when we are training we use ORS rehydration tablets pre during and post matches, the parent company Clinova also make this amazing pick me up pill called WAYK, it is natural healthy Red Bull in a pill. We use an hour before matches and it works incredibly. Tottenham Hotspur have been using the same system for about 3 years and it seems to be working for them.


Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick - Time To Focus




Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick - Family Time

Mostly doing homework! We travel a lot as a family, as a professional polo player I always said that if I have to travel for more than three weeks in a row the family come with me. So now that our kids are school age we seem to spend a lot of time catching up on the English school work whilst in Argentina or Florida! This is not relaxing or fun, but it is important. The fun side of traveling together is introducing the kids to different cultures around the world and seeing how they are sponges and absorb incredible amounts of information. We are very lucky, I have been a very present father and I am so grateful for all the life experiences we have shared together.


Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick - Family Time




Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick - Down Time

It is not really on message for a professional sportsman to recommend an whisky as a prefect relaxing agent, but for ten years I have been working for the most amazing blended Whisky in the world, Royal Salute, and having become accustomed to the perfection that is this dram, I can’t think of any other product that melts away the stresses of daily life better than this 21 Year Old blended Scotch.


Rapport My Time - Malcolm Borwick




Malcolm Borwick is a third-generation polo champion. His 20-year, international career and six-goal handicap makes him one of the UK's best polo players. He is also the world polo ambassador for Royal Salute whisky.


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