Battling the Australian blaze

A very devastating topic and tragic event that is taking its toll on Australia and the world, are the Australian wildfires. These fires, which have been fuelled by heat and drought, have killed people, 15.6 million acres of land and devastated the habitats together with the wildlife it supports. 

There are thousands of firefighters and state authorities working together to battle the blazes, using the combination of aircraft and land equipment to fight the fires. The bushfires have prompted a significant wave of responses globally from celebrities and corporations alike. What’s remarkable about us as a population, we rally around communities during natural disasters, when they are in need and offer support and emergency relief in any way we can.

 Rapport have chosen to show our support by donating 10% of all online sales to the Red Cross Australia in aid of the bushfires. The Red Cross use these funds to help people prepare for, live with and recover from disasters. We urge you to donate in any way you can. We have attached a list of credible sites below that you can donate through. Let’s battle this together!